Resilient Life Bioresonance Scan


System Health

We begin each report with the 14 systems that will represent the variety of stress levels within the body. A blue dial closest to 100%, shows minimal stress. A yellow dial reflects between 80% and 60% of capacity and signals stress on that system. Orange represents chronic stress and shows that system is working between 60% and 40%. A red dial shows weakness in that system, and will range between 40% and 20%. Below 20% represents chronic weakness, which is a deep red color.

The goal is to have each system working as close to 100% as possible.


This section represents environmental and food sensitivities. You can view each category that was scanned, and if an item resonated, that specific item will be listed below that category. This sensitivity scan represents the items that may be negatively affecting you at this time. Often times sensitivities can and will change depending on exposure, and how well the body balances.

Nutritional Imbalances

This section represents nutritional imbalances that resonate within 5 different nutritional categories.Below each category you'll find the specific nutritional imbalances that resonated, along with foods that are potent in that nutrient that could fill those voids.

Nutritional Imbalances - Continued

As detoxification and balancing occur, we often see shifts in various stress levels from one scan to the next. This variation is normal, and indicates that your body is bringing itself into alignment.


Here you will find various resonating toxins. We scan six different categories of toxins, and list the type of toxins found under each category. Knowing where these toxins come from gives you the power to avoid repeated exposure! When describing toxins and other imbalances, we like to use the analogy of an onion. We are able to analyze what is at the outermost layer of your "onion". By peeling back the layers, we are able to get closer to the center where we find optimum wellness. As we work towards the center of the onion, new layers may be exposed which that may include new sensitivities, resonating toxins, and general imbalances. 


This section identifies hormonal imbalances. Often times hormones will come back into balance as the rest of the body aligns. Each hormone listed includes a description and indicates if it is high or low.